Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
Fantasy Olympics! Think of it like any other fantasy sports league, only for the Olympics.
Ok, I get that, but how does it work?
Draft countries or athletes to compete in the various Olympic sports. When they earn medals, you win points.
What are the Olympic sports this time around?
The sport list, as well as the latest list of competing countries is available in the Draft Kit.
What are the different league types?
  • Draft leagues operate like a standard fantasy league where you select your team in a snake draft with the rest of your league.
  • Pick'em leagues allow you to choose your best team and compete against others who have done the same.
What are the different pool types?
You can choose to either select countries or individual athletes when you're creating your league
How much is each medal worth?
By default, a gold medal is worth 5 points, a silver is worth 3, and a bronze is worth 1. Your commissioner can customize these values. Want to only count gold medals? Set silver and bronze to 0 points each. Feel that alloys are unnatural? Set bronze medals to be worth negative 5 points and punish those who win one.
How do team events work?
If a particular athlete competes solo as well as in team events, they earn points based on ALL medals won. It definitely pays to draft athletes that you project to compete multiple events, whether team or solo. For the events that only exist as team events, and don't have overlap between team members (Ice Hockey and Curling), these are available as the whole team ("United States Men's Ice Hockey Team" or "Canada Women's Curling Team" for example)
What is this "ROC" country?
The Russian Federation has been punished by the World Anti-Doping Agency and is forbidding them from competing under their own banner. Russia, instead, will be referred to as the acronym "ROC".
Are you affiliated with any official Olympic group?
No, definitely not, please don't think that we are! We're just fans of the Olympics and fantasy sports.
Will you be doing leagues for the Paralympic Games?
We'd like to! We're not sure if there are enough sports / countries / participants to make satisfying leagues, but it's something we're interested in. If you're also interested, please let us know!
I think you should add... It would be great it we could... Why don't you make a...
Please contact us with any feedback. We have a TON of features we want to add, so let us know your favorites and we'll get them on the list.
I have other questions!
Contact us and we'll do our best to get you a response.